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Enviropainter Certification

Enviropainter  Certification

Chris Sweetnam has achieved the status of a Enviropainter® from the Master Painters Association.

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Melbourne Spray Painting New Premises

Multicoat's Melbourne Spray Painting facility in Ringwood closes and another factory in Laser Drive has been leased to continue to service our customers who require spray painting. ... read more

Aluminium Extrusion

Multicoat has started powder coating full lengths of aluminium extrusion at the their facility in Rowville, in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

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New Engineering Appointment

Marcus Klein, having completed is final year of Mechanical Engineering at Monash University in Melbourne, has joined our team.

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VIC 1000/Green leaf Update

Multicoat is half way through the program designed to reduce the impact business has on the environment.

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