Multicoat Pty Ltd


On Site Powder Coating in Melbourne

Unfortunately there is no successful method of on site powder coating.  We have seen several systems but they are not more than primitive pretenders of the real thing.  But stuff still needs to be coated so we offer an on site coating service.  We have used many types of paint applied by brush, roller or spray.  Each job is unique.

We offer:

Full environmental protection using ground cover and full job encapsulation.

Job Safety Analysis.

Height access equipment.

Trained staff including, White Card, First Aid, Working at Heights and Boom Lift.

Windows: painting powder coated aluminium windows on site.

Some customers require a different colour from the inside of the window to the out side, others have received windows off the boat that are scratched and others require faded powder coat to be refinished.

Buildings: painting buildings on site.

Steps spray painted with Wattyl Paracryl iso cyanate free two pack in Colorbond Woodland Grey, bollards powder coated in Safety Yellow and building painted with two coats of Dulux Weathershield applied by roller and brush.

House Doors: painting house doors on site.

Our on site crew excels at enamelling house doors.  Usually we coat all doors in premises under construction but we are able to offer the service if there is a suitable area for spraying.