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Powder v Paint

Hanging:  All parts should have openings in them so they can be hung for coating.  We can coat parts that are not able to be hung but please discuss with us first!  When parts are hung, there will be a hook mark.  If you want to control where the hook mark is then you need to specify where that part is to be hung by.

Sharp Edges:  Powder coating & paint shrinks away from sharp edges during curing.  This exposes the edge to the environment and accelerates corrosion.  We recommend all edges have a minimum radius of 2 mm or a chamfer at least.

Item Powder Paint
Colours Generally limited to a colour chart from each powder manufacturer. Custom colours are available but comparitively expensive. Vrtually any colour can be made in small quantities.
Turn Around Parts cure (go hard) in an oven so parts are ready to deliver as soon as they are cooled. Generally curing (drying) takes time and temperature. Time is usually measured in days slowing down delivery
Durability In general coating is hard, resists chipping, does scratch, OK UV stability and OK corrosion protection. Standard grade yellows, red and oranges should not be in sunlight. Once cured hard and resists chipping but not as much as powder. Far superior UV stability and corrosion protection.
Cost In general lower material and application costs due to ease of application.

Higher material costs and often considerable skill required to apply.

Environment No solvent emmisions but chemical use for pretreatment and lots of CO2 during curing Lots of solvents and other chemicals in paint.
Effects Metallics dont flip as much as paint. Hammertone, ripple and textures available. Effect powders may not be suitable for exterior exposure. Non smooth powders may harbour moisture for longer leading to lower coating life. Metallics flip more than powder. Hammertones and texture finishes available
Surface In Australia only metals are powder coated Paint can be used on metal, wood, plastic and glass.
Gloss Limited to colour chart. Gloss level is associated with the colour. Wide range of gloss levels available regardless of colour.
Removal/rework Difficult to remove if applied correctly and difficult to rework. Powder is very difficult to blast off so chemical or thermal removal is often the first option. Easier to remove with blasting or chemicals. Easy to apply more coats.
Finish Quality Industrial to below automotive Automotive inclusion free is possible

In general, what is better, paint or powder? Cars are still painted …

The coating we will recommend will determine on the metal, the colour and your requirements.